Why Shop at Wild Birds Unlimited?

"We Bring People and Nature Together...And We Do It With Excellence!"

Our friendly staff of certified backyard bird feeding specialists offer the BEST bird feeding advice and expertise. Our products are second to none in quality, freshness, and durability. We offer lifetime warranties on many of our products and can often repair and replace damaged parts. We carry bird feeding products that are exclusively carried by Wild Birds Unlimited such as our popular seed cylinders and Advanced Pole Systems. We are passionate about providing outstanding customer service and a great overall shopping experience.

Better Seed

We have the very best bird seed available on the market. We carry a variety of regionally selected seed blends. They are loaded with just the right blend seeds and nuts so you can feed a wide variety of birds. Fresh seed is delivered weekly. Try our high quality seed cylinders for an easy, economical way to feed the birds.

Better Suet and Mealworms

We carry a variety of quality, high energy suet providing your birds with the energy necessary for migration, nesting, or to get them through the winter months. Mealworms are a great way to attract insect eating birds, like bluebirds.

Better Feeders

With over 30 years of bringing people and nature together, we know how important it is to have high-quality bird feeders. We have a large selection of bird feeders to attract a variety of birds. We have easy to clean feeders and squirrel resistant feeders. Most of our feeders carry lifetime guarantees and we will repair or replace damaged parts.

Advanced Pole System

The Ultimate Bird feeding Solution - Available exclusively at Wild Birds Unlimited, our patented Advanced Pole System (APS) is a revolutionary concept and the foundation for successfully bringing more birds to your yard.


Our nesting boxes are made in the USA and are designed to work! Our birdhouses are designed to have the dimensions and features that appeal to specific bird species. The houses have a variety of features that make them easy to clean, safer, and better for your birds.

Bath and Garden

Our array of glass and ceramic birdbaths and water accessories (water wigglers, dripper/misters) help attract a large variety of birds to your backyard habitat. We also carry a wide range of Woodstock wind chimes in many sizes and price points, durable, high quality seasonal garden and standard flags, flag and birdbath iron stands, nature-themed art and seasonal ornaments too. Check our Bath and Garden section frequently for new additions as they change each season!


Whether you are looking for a basic primer to teach kids about the birds in their yard, or a more sophisticated field guide to identify and log birds you have seen, we have the book or leaflet that fits your need.

Unique Nature Gifts

Looking for a gift for someone special? We have a variety of nature-related gifts, puzzles, mugs, and more! 

Fun for Kids

We have Audubon plush birds, activity books, puzzles, and various other items just for kids!